This program explores resonances vocal, metallic, glass, and historical. David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize-winning the little match girl passion, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story and the passions of J.S. Bach, evokes a frosty landscape with sparse percussion played by the singers. Alvin Lucier’s Theme literally sets a poem by John Ashbery into resonant vessels, such as vases, into which the poem is spoken by the singers. Miniature microphones are placed inside each vessel, which then acts as a resonant filter, transforming the sounds of the voices and the poem.┬áThe concert will begin with a new work by British composer Martin Iddon, hamadryads, for 5 voices and glass harmonica. The extremely slow glissandi of the voice parts are alternately contrasted and blended with the ghostly counterpoint of wine glasses. The work is based on Josquin’s Deploration sur la mort d’Ockeghem, which was itself based on Ockeghem’s Deploration sur la mort de Binchois.

  • Martin Iddon – hamadryads world premiere
  • Alvin Lucier – Theme
  • David Lang – the little match girl passion

personnel for concert

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