Christian Bök – Eunoia

If you’ve heard Aaron Cassidy’s I, purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips (which I wrote about learning in a previous post), you’ve heard (in fractured form) Christian Bök’s delicious ‘homophonic translation’ of Rimbaud’s “Voyelles.” It comes from his incredible book Eunoia, which you can hear read at PennSound, and read on your own in its entirety at the publisher’s website. Each of the book’s five main chapters uses only one vowel, and attempts to exhaust the lexicon of univocal words. The experience of hearing Bök’s poetry read aloud straddles the musical and linguistic.

Another current favorite of mine, several of Bök’s own performances of which you can find at the above link, is his “Motorized Razors.” Are poets really allowed to make these kind of sounds? (Isn’t that my job?) He also does a lovely rendition of his artistic Urvater Kurt Schwitters’s Ursonate.

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