NYU Residency

Ekmeles finishes out their residency at NYU with a concert, including a premiere by director Jeffrey Gavett, commissioned by NYU

  • Louis Karchin – To the Stars (2003)
  • Taylor Brook – Motorman Sextet (2013)
  • Peter Ablinger – Studien Nach der Natur (1997, 2002)
  • Thanasis Deligiannis – Ignored Manuals (2013) World premiere of revised version
  • Jeffrey Gavett – Quomodo Musica (2013) World Premiere

Personnel for concert

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  1. […] He is also one of those people who completely radiate a passion for their work, which is part of the reason I wanted to sit down with him ever since he first burst into my classroom wearing bright green shoelaces and belting Mongolian folk tunes. Through an unexpected set of circumstances that obliged me to stay in New York for Winter Session classes, I ended up being placed in an experimental vocal class at NYU that was being taught by the wonderful Martin Daughtry – a lucky coincidence, when I should have been studying geopolitics in Abu Dhabi instead. A few lessons in, we were introduced to Jeff as our ‘resident expert’ on experimental vocal traditions. Our class went on to perform with Jeff later that month when he served as Musical Director in a collaboration between his ensemble, Ekmeles, and the NYU music department (full program here). […]