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Mar 16

Ekmeles and Yarn/Wire perform Columbia Composers

Ekmeles joins powerhouse piano percussion quartet Yarn/Wire to perform new works by Columbia Composers at DiMenna Center.

  • Martin Hiendl – Testomania (2016)
  • Shih-Wei Lo – On the Fringe (2016)
  • Ashkan Behzadi – Till Still Again (2016)
  • William Dougherty – Eidos (2016)
  • Matthew Ricketts – Fälscherlieder (2016)

Ekmeles personnel for concert

Jan 12

Columbia Composers

Ekmeles sings new works written for them & instruments by Columbia University composition students Taylor Brook, Courtney Bryan, Natacha Diels, Bryan Jacobs, and Alec Hall

personnel for concert