Jul 11

Madrigals & Metamorphoses

The Italian Academy presents Madrigals & Metamorphoses, a program dedicated to new madrigals and transformations of old works.

  • Johannes Schöllhorn – Madrigali a Dio
  • Don Carlo Gesualdo – Madrigals
  • Peter Ablinger – Studien nach der Natur
  • Martin Iddon – hamadryads
  • Carl Bettendorf – Tre madrigali decomposti di Don Carlo Gesualdo
  • Elliott Carter – Mad Regales

personnel for concert

Jul 11

Search Journal for New Music

Anyone interested at all in serious inquiry into the state of new music should be reading the Search Journal for New Music. At the moment I am especially taken with Stuart Paul Duncan’s essay “To Infinity and Beyond: A Reflection on Notation, 1980s Darmstadt, and Interpretational Approaches to the Music of New Complexity” which deals with similar topics as his essay “Re-Complexifying the Function(s) of Notation in the Music of Brian Ferneyhough and the ‘New Complexity,’” referenced in my previous post on complexity and failure.

Where else is one to find such treasures as in-depth analysis of Ferneyhough’s Carceri d’Invenzione III, or an article by Colin Holter, the description of which is best left to its title: “The Spiritual Construction of Tuning in American Experimental Music” ? If you have any other favorites, be sure to share them in the comments.

Jul 11

Vocal triple bill

October 6th, research-based ensemble for medieval music Ascoli Ensemble and Irish vocal & instrumental new music group Ergodos Musicians will join Ekmeles at Issue Project Room for an evening spanning 800 years of music.

Ekmeles repertoire for concert

  • Peter Ablinger – Studien nach der Natur
  • Pascal Dusapin – Two Walking
  • Johannes Schöllhorn – Madrigali a Dio
  • James Tenney – Hey when I sing… & Rose Round

Ekmeles personnel for concert

Jul 11

Happy 4th!

Hopefully you can enjoy the lovely music knowing that the above image associated with the video is in fact a visa application photo, and has nothing to do with the spurious story of Stravinsky being arrested for this admittedly arresting arrangement.