Jan 15

Avant Music Festival – John Cage

Ekmeles performs what is, according to the John Cage Trust, the only known concert of the complete choral works of John Cage, on the 2015 Avant Music Festival.

  • John Cage – Ear for EAR (1983)
  • John Cage – Four2 (1990)
  • John Cage – Four Solos for Voice (93-96) (1988)
  • John Cage – Five (1988)
  • John Cage – Hymns and Variations (1979)

Ekmeles’s season is supported by New Music USA’s Cary Fund For New Music Performance Fund, the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, and the Amphion Foundation.

Personnel for concert

Jan 12

Circular Trance – Avant Premiere

We’re glad to be bringing back Randy Gibson’s Circular Trance in an extended version for this year’s Avant Music Festival.

  • Randy Gibson – Circular Trance Surrounding the Second Pillar with The Highest Seventh Primal Cirrus, The Utmost Fundamental, and The Ekmeles Ending from Apparitions of The Four Pillars

personnel for concert

Mar 11

Avant Music Festival Wrap-up

We were so glad to be a part of the 2011 Avant Music Festival, and now you can see photos and videos from all the performances at their website. Take a minute to remember the great moments you loved if you were there; if you weren’t there, take a minute to see why you should come to the 2012 AMF! We’ll be premiering a new piece by curator Randy Gibson.

Dec 10

John Cage – Song Books

Et tout cela m'est advenu par la faute de la musique.

An excerpt from Song Books

The 2011 Avant Music Festival presents an evening of John Cage featuring Ekmeles, pianist Vicky Chow, curator/pianist Randy Gibson, and trombonist William Lang.

Ekmeles performs Song Books, Cage’s inexhaustible grab bag of songs and theatre pieces, categorized by their relevance or irrelevance to the theme “We connect Satie to Thoreau.” Each singer freely chooses a program to fit the allotted time, and each performs independently of the another. Several of the programs will be chosen and organized entirely by chance operations.

ekmeles personnel for concert

Dec 10

EXAUDI – Song Books

Fabulous UK vocal ensemble EXAUDI finally has some video online, and it’s of some of their work with John Cage’s Song Books. I love these pieces, and am very excited to mention that we’ll be performing a program of Song Books on the Avant Music Festival this coming February!