Jan 16

Music on the Edge

The program is built around a range of modern interpretations and possibilities for the idea of the madrigal. In his In Dir, Stefano Gervasoni sets the tightly-constructed koan-like texts of medieval German mystic Angelus Silesius. Gervasoni uses the enigmatic texts as inspirations for a distinctive kind of text-painting that informs the structure of each movement. Salvatore Sciarrino’s L’alibi della parola leverages the composer’s unique language of skitters and sighs to create a space of wonder – of special interest is the pulsing of the second movement’s quasar. My Peccavi fateor is based on a few lines of music from an eponymous work by Michael Praetorius, and explores every possible combination of the six voices of our ensemble. Peter Ablinger’s Studien nach der Natur is a collection of ten canons, each of which is a clever imitation of the sounds of everyday life. Finally, Elliott Carter’s Mad Regales brings the composer’s vital rhythmic impetus to bear on a set of witty and strange texts by John Ashbery.

  • Stefano Gervasoni – In Dir (2003-2004)
  • Salvatore Sciarrino – L’alibi della parola
  • Jeffrey Gavett – Peccavi fateor (2015) (US Premiere)
  • Peter Ablinger – Studien nach der Natur (1997, 2002)
  • Elliott Carter – Mad Regales (2007)

Ekmeles personnel for concert

Jan 14

Miller Theatre Pop-Up Concert

Ekmeles sings works for 1-6 voices on the Miller Theatre stage, including the New York Premiere of a work by Sciarrino. Doors at 5:30, show at 6, enjoy a free beer while sitting onstage with the ensemble!

  • Peter Ablinger – Studien nach der Natur (1995, 2002)
  • Kaija Saariaho – From the Grammar of Dreams (1988)
  • Salvatore Sciarrino – L’alibi della Parola (1994) New York Premiere
  • Evan Johnson – a general interrupter to ongoing activity (2011)
  • Thanasis Deligiannis – Ignored Manuals (2013)

Personnel for concert

Dec 13

NYU Residency

Ekmeles finishes out their residency at NYU with a concert, including a premiere by director Jeffrey Gavett, commissioned by NYU

  • Louis Karchin – To the Stars (2003)
  • Taylor Brook – Motorman Sextet (2013)
  • Peter Ablinger – Studien Nach der Natur (1997, 2002)
  • Thanasis Deligiannis – Ignored Manuals (2013) World premiere of revised version
  • Jeffrey Gavett – Quomodo Musica (2013) World Premiere

Personnel for concert

Apr 12

Some Recent Silences

As always, Tim Rutherford-Johnson of The Rambler comes through with the goods. Another example of his perceptive and brilliant writing on music is up at NewMusicBox: an essay on the continuing influence of Cage’s 4’33”, including discussion of Ekmeles favorites Aaron Cassidy and Peter Ablinger. He also touches on the Catskills setting of the seminal work’s premiere, critical—I think—to understanding what the piece is all about.

Read the full post over at NewMusicBox.

Jul 11

Madrigals & Metamorphoses

The Italian Academy presents Madrigals & Metamorphoses, a program dedicated to new madrigals and transformations of old works.

  • Johannes Schöllhorn – Madrigali a Dio
  • Don Carlo Gesualdo – Madrigals
  • Peter Ablinger – Studien nach der Natur
  • Martin Iddon – hamadryads
  • Carl Bettendorf – Tre madrigali decomposti di Don Carlo Gesualdo
  • Elliott Carter – Mad Regales

personnel for concert

Jan 11

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

We’re in the midst of BBC’s Hear and Now broadcast of highlights from the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Keep checking back to see when new episodes are available online, but right now it’s a concert of “theatical music” including pieces by Tom Johnson, Jennifer Walshe, and Mauricio Kagel (his fantastic pastoral Kantrimiusik). We’re also especially looking forward to the concert featuring works by Timothy McCormack and Peter Ablinger.